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Skip Tracing and Public Records: What You Need to Know

Skip Tracing and Public Records: What You Need to Know

Skip Tracing and Public Records: What You Need to Know


Skip tracing is the process of locating a person who is missing, evading the law, or avoiding debt. It often involves searching for clues about the person’s whereabouts in public records. If you need help with skip tracing or have questions about the process, read on to learn more about what you need to know.

What is Skip Tracing?

Skip tracing is a way of finding someone who has gone “missing” - either intentionally or unintentionally - by using public records and other reliable sources of information. This can include researching court documents, tax records, property records, bank accounts, phone numbers, and driver’s license data. The goal is to locate the missing person so they can be served with legal papers or other important documents.


Why Would I Need a Process Server?

If you are trying to locate someone who has gone missing or is evading legal papers, you will need to hire a process server in Orlando to serve them with those papers. A process server is an individual who delivers legal documents such as summonses, subpoenas and court orders to individuals involved in civil lawsuits. They offer a valuable service by ensuring that all parties receive timely notification of any proceedings that may affect them.


What Are Public Records?

Public records are any records kept by local or state governments that are available for public view and/or use. These can include property deeds, court documents, tax returns and more – all of which can be useful when conducting skip tracing research. By accessing these public records – either online or through your local government office – you may be able to uncover information about an individual’s whereabouts that will prove invaluable in the skip tracing process.

Skip tracing can be an arduous task - but it doesn't have to be! By researching public records and enlisting the help of a professional process server in Orlando, you can ensure that all parties involved are notified promptly and accurately when there are changes in court proceedings or other important matters related to your case. If you have any questions about skip tracing or need assistance locating someone who has gone missing or evading legal papers, do not hesitate to contact us today! We're here to help!