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About Central Florida Process

Central Florida Process has been serving the legal community as well as the private sector in the Orlando, Florida area for many years, and has been in the legal industry for over two decades. We at Central Florida Process boast the knowledge and professionalism which has successfully kept us in this business since 1989. With over 50 years of experience, it is not hard to see why we are Central Florida's leading process serving company. Along with offering exceptional legal support in Orlando, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail. This is most important when dealing in any legal matter, and we wish to extend the best possible service to you or your company.

What is a process server?

A process server is a valuable service that everyone in the legal field knows all about. However, someone outside of the legal industry may have no clue what a process server in Orlando really does. Allow us to explain a bit about ourselves and the services we offer.

To start off, allow us to give you a little bit of history on who a process server is and what they do. Service of due process is a privilege set in motion by the Constitution. What this means is all citizens of the United States have the absolute right of being notified when being summoned for any reason. These are legal guidelines which are specifically detailed in the 5th and 6th amendments of the Constitution. A process server was intended to be a sort of messenger system, letting citizens know their constitutional right to due process by way of being “served”. Nowadays, as a process service in Orlando, we can say that not much has changed since, except that originally papers were meant to be served by the local Sheriff’s Office. We have seen the mass expansion of towns, cities, and states since then, in turn, requiring a more efficient way to serve these documents. It became more and more challenging for the local Sheriffs to disperse these court papers while still maintaining a presence in their own jurisdiction, thus the process server was born.

What does a process server do?

As an Orlando legal support service, we are needed in a wide array of tasks, such as serving legal documents, to filing court papers, and even the retrieval of documents. Our job is to serve these documents to either a defendant or a person who is involved, in some way, in a court case. After serving these papers, we then deliver you the evidence that your papers have indeed been served. This is called an “affidavit of service”. This affidavit has to be notarized and given to the person who has required the papers be served. We are, by law, required to deliver the papers in a professional manner in relation to the laws by the state.

What You Can Expect From Us?

When you have more than your fair share of processing to complete, you will naturally desire an Orlando FL process server who charges a reasonable rate, and can get the job done right. You will find our rates posted on this site. We have absolutely nothing to hide and want our clients to know exactly what they are being charged and can expect from Central Florida Process.

As a top-quality Orlando process service we aim to satisfy the customer on every level. Everything we do for you is carefully documented, stored, and updated in our electronic system. We also offer you updates on the status of your case, as to eliminate any confusion. You won’t find a better and more detail-oriented Orlando legal support service. This is the Central Florida Process way, and has been since 1989.