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How a Process Server Can Serve You

How a Process Server Can Serve You

How a Process Server Can Serve You

There are many legal processes that require full acknowledgment from both parties involved before they can pan out. In fact, whenever legal action is taken against a person, they reserve the legal right to be informed about it. Of course, this sounds like common sense, but occasionally notifying an individual of a subpoena, summons, complaint, or other courtroom process is easier said than done.

Some individuals don't want to learn when a legal action is taken against them. For instance, somebody who wants to hang onto their marital union at all costs may intentionally avoid, ignore, or otherwise dodge divorce papers to act like they never knew the divorce was occurring. Although this method cannot completely halt a divorce, it can slow the process.

This is where a process server in Orlando can stroll in and set things right. Employing investigative techniques that are equivalent to a private investigator, a professional process server has the power to track down almost anyone, even individuals who have attempted to leave the state or fall entirely off the grid. Once a process server finds an individual, they can provide the mandated documents, paperwork, and proof of delivery with an official affidavit. Then, if the person decides to attempt to play it smart in the court later and deny they were aware of the lawsuit, divorce matter, etc., the process server can yield the affidavit to establish to the court that the service did indeed occur.

Hiding in the Age of Social Media

Today more than ever before, professional process servers are busy. Despite social media being intended to bring individuals together, people looking to avoid service and legal problems actually employ their social relationships to make themselves more difficult to find. They can do this by following the person they want to avoid and going anywhere else, by manufacturing where they go with fake posts, or closing their accounts down to "go dark." These methods can be a real headache and an extreme obstacle for the average person. But, for a process server, it is just another regular day on the job.

Process servers have the investigative skills to find even the most challenging marks and serve them with legal paperwork. In addition, their years of experience have equipped them with the skills and tools of the trade to locate people in unique and unconventional ways.

If you live in Florida and simply must have legal papers supplied to an elusive or aggressive individual, call us to connect with a process server in Orlando. Our Orlando area process servers have been in business for many years and have decades of combined experience. Contact us now to learn why so many individuals come to us first for process serving, private investigation, and more exceptional services. We have the experience and expertise to get the job done right and help you move forward with your legal case. In addition, our focus on customer service and client satisfaction allows us to exceed your expectations with each service we provide.