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Four Reasons to Hire a Professional Process Server

Four Reasons to Hire a Professional Process Server

Four Reasons to Hire a Professional Process Server

In most circumstances, a process server needs to be at least 18 years old and not a player in the action on which papers are being served. People frequently decide to bypass experienced process servers and send papers to the local Sheriff to be handled. This is because utilizing a sheriff's office for service can be less costly and requires less investigation than locating a skilled process server in Orlando to fit your needs. In most cases, this is not as practical as people would believe.

Here are four justifications for why you need the assistance of a professional process server:


Process servers are far more successful in serving papers than Sheriff's offices. The Sheriff's Office does not have time to arrange in the investigative work to find a subject if they've been offered the wrong address. They often do not complete multiple tries when they are repeatedly unsuccessful in serving an individual who might be at a job when they came by. Tracking a person down is a process server's career. If they cannot serve people during routine business hours, they will work evenings or weekends to serve them successfully. They're even willing to research to hunt down an individual they don't have an accurate address for. Again, this is their career, and they will do everything it takes to keep the customer happy so they don't lose funds and can accumulate referrals.

Customer service

The Sheriff's offices must help anyone inside their jurisdiction who needs support, no matter the issue. Unfortunately, the Sheriff's Office frequently lacks responsiveness and is sluggish in updating the service, leaving individuals disappointed with the whole procedure. A process server aims to make sure that the client is happy with their experience. They are prepared and willing to respond to questions, give updates on the advancement of your service, and work tenaciously to find the subject when equipped with a bad address. Unfortunately, Sheriff's divisions are far too active to provide the customer courtesy that is known with hiring an expert to do the job.


Any authority of the law is tasked with a wide range of responsibilities requiring a broad knowledge of the law to cover many diverse situations. In comparison, an experienced process server is charged with profoundly comprehending the rules of civil process and the conditions surrounding the right way to serve process. They are well-trained for adequately serving individuals in every jurisdiction they confront and have the know-how to adequately fill out the paperwork that confirms they did their due diligence. Additionally, while many locations don't allow Sheriff's divisions to serve documents in federal cases, process servers are allowed to provide service in regional, state, and federal cases.


Delivering legal documents quickly is probably important to you, especially if the documents being served are for an impending hearing or deposition where there are conditions that the other party is served within a precise timeframe before your lawsuit can proceed. Service of process is the primary focus for a skilled process server. Still, Sheriff's offices have numerous other things to take care of, like cracking crimes, responding to calls from concerned citizens, and hauling prisoners. These responsibilities make it probable that serving your papers may not be very high on that list. It is acknowledged that a process server in Orlando tends to serve documents much quicker than the Sheriff's office.