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FAQs to Understand the Role of a Process Server

FAQs to Understand the Role of a Process Server

FAQs to Understand the Role of a Process Server

A process server is a necessary part of the legal process, as they serve as the messenger of legal documents delivered to the defendant in the case. When you hear the statement ‘you got served,’ you are hearing the voice of a process server. As a professional that works with the court system, process servers have an important role in the legal process, as they need to properly deliver these court documents to a defendant, no matter how evasive the defendant may be. To better understand the role of a process server in Orlando, check out these frequently asked questions.

What is the service of process?

To start the legal process, you need to inform those who are being sued that they are actually being sued. This requires you to deliver legal paperwork to the defendant informing them about the case that has been filed. Instead of taking the paperwork yourself, a process server will take care of this job. By informing the defendant about this case, you give them the opportunity to defend themselves in court. Proper service of process is required in order to start your case in court.

What does the process server need to serve?

It is important to follow the right steps to keep the legal process moving forward without question. If the documents are not served properly, you may need to start over completely, which can result in even more delays. The process server will need to deliver the summons that is provided by the court when the lawsuit is filed. This summons serves as formal notice that the case has been filed, and it needs to be delivered to the hands of the defendant.  Depending on the type of case filed, there may be additional documents required by the courts.

Who needs to be served?

All of the defendants involved in the lawsuit will need to be served. Some lawsuits are filed against more than one defendant, and before the case can be tried in court, each one of the defendants needs to receive notice of the lawsuit. However, not all service of process applies to people, as sometimes the defendants are corporations or large companies that are being sued by a plaintiff. This means that the documentation will need to be delivered to an agency that is working on behalf of the company.

Who can work as a process server?

Regulations for process servers differ from state-to-state. At minimum, a process server needs to be an unbiased third-party. Some states have additional requirements, like residency requirements or certifications for process servers. If you fail to comply with your state’s regulations, your entire case can be dismissed and you may need to start over once again. Be sure that you check with your legal representative to follow each and every rule.

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