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5 Tips and Tricks to Serve Process Effectively

5 Tips and Tricks to Serve Process Effectively

5 Tips and Tricks to Serve Process Effectively

Many process servers have been in the industry for decades, and though not much has changed, some people are still more challenging to serve than others. Social media sites and reality television has many people mistakenly believing that avoiding service will make the legal process disappear. Unfortunately, this makes a process server’s job more challenging and tests their skills and critical thinking ability. Our process server in Orlando shares these tips and tricks to make serving process easier.

Be prepared

It is essential to have as much information as possible about the person you are serving legal paperwork to, including the best times to catch them leaving or arriving at home, vehicle descriptions, pictures, addresses, places of employment, etc. The more information a process server has, the more likely they serve the papers quickly and effectively. Social media is an excellent resource for a process server because it shows pictures, check-ins to local places, and what people are doing, helping gauge a good time to serve someone and know when they are out of town and when they plan to return.

Pay attention

A process server needs to pay close attention to the address listed for the individual they are serving. It is not uncommon for them to knock on a neighbor’s door to be directed to the correct address or be informed that they recently moved. Sometimes this is true, but other times the neighbor is a friend, and this is a tactic to keep you from serving them papers. Pay attention to the address you have for a person, and be sure that is the door you actually approach for best results. You never want to tip off your subject accidentally and then have to chase them down even harder.

Be industrious

When innovative process servers do not get an answer at a home address, they often call the phone number they have for the individual to see if they hear it ring inside the house or if their mark answers the phone from behind the closed door to confirm the right residence. They also check the Wi-Fi in the area to see if it has the subject's name to help verify they are at the correct address.

Play the role

In most states, it is against the law for a process server to wear a disguise or blatantly misrepresent their identity, but props can be helpful. For example, many process servers find that carrying a box or a clipboard with an envelope on it can get people just curious enough to open their door. Our favorite tactic is ordering a pizza to the person’s address when you know they are home and standing behind the delivery person when they approach the door. Then, when the person opens the door to find out who ordered the pizza, you can complete your service and pay for your meal.

Be respectful

Being respectful when speaking to the person you are trying to serve from behind their closed door can sometimes calm their fears and get them to open the door long enough to get the job done.

Use these tips and tricks to serve process effectively. And when you need legal paperwork served, call our process server in Orlando. We are here for you!