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5 Reasons to Hire a Local Process Server

5 Reasons to Hire a Local Process Server

5 Reasons to Hire a Local Process Server

You may find your case dismissed in court or get yourself in hot water for not knowing enough about process serving. Legal papers that are improperly served can lead to legal problems or legal actions that can jeopardize your court case or cause it to be dismissed altogether. Serving process requires investigative strategies and a thorough knowledge of the law. Today there are more vague trespassing laws, more individuals residing in gated communities, and more people willing to sue others, making a process server's job particularly challenging. Experts believe that the number of process services requiring investigative strategies like skip tracing is increasing daily. The best way to deliver legal documents to a target is to employ a process server that is local to the area where the person being served resides. Our process server in Orlando offers the following benefits of using a local service professional:

Local process servers are cost-effective

Using a local process server will result in less expensive fees than a national server company or a server that has to drive a long distance to get the job done. Most national process serving companies charge $200 or more for service outside your local area, then refer your business to someone within their network of providers. Hiring a local process server can save you more than $100 on these fees. In addition, process servers are usually happy to drive long distances to serve legal paperwork. You are likely to be charged the flat rate plus mileage in cases like this. The service cost can get prohibitive when you need rush services, or the server has to make multiple attempts at such long distances.

Local process servers are familiar with the area

When you hire a process server who isn't local, they often need additional time to familiarize themselves with the location before attempting to serve your documents. This often results in additional fees or delays in service that can be avoided by using someone local to the area.

Local process servers can utilize their local networks

A local process server may have local law enforcement or investigator contacts in the area to assist them when a target is unwilling to accept legal papers or proves to be elusive. This is not a benefit you will receive from a national process serving company.

Local process servers know local laws

Your court case can end in disaster over even the most minor legal infractions. Local professionals have a clear understanding of local trespassing laws and other requirements that can help ensure the lawful delivery of your court documents. For example, process servers in Florida know that legal documents are prohibited from being served on Sundays, and process servers in Michigan are aware that you cannot serve process to an individual on an election day. Using someone local to the area will ensure that they understand the intricacies of process serving in the area.

Local process servers have local knowledge

Local servers are often aware of how to approach a property to serve process successfully and are also mindful of local places where people congregate. This knowledge can be priceless when attempting to serve papers to someone trying to avoid them.

These are just a handful of reasons to use a local process server. Contact us today if you need the assistance of a process server in Orlando. We are here for you!