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4 Reasons to Hire a Professional Process Server

4 Reasons to Hire a Professional Process Server

4 Reasons to Hire a Professional Process Server

You can save yourself frustration and time by hiring a professional process server, benefiting your legal matter’s outcome. While most states only require that a process server be 18 years old or more and not interested in the case at hand, if the person you have serving process does not operate within the boundaries of the law, it might jeopardize your case. Our process server in Orlando offers the following reasons you should leave the service of process to an industry professional:

Proof of service

Professional process servers understand the importance of providing solid proof that they have served a person successfully. Their proof of service, or affidavit of service, can be submitted to the courts to legally verify that they notified the opposing party of the legal action against them according to the presiding rules of law in the area.

Problem-solving techniques

It is not always easy to serve process. Sometimes the person being served does not wish to be found, spends lots of time on the road, or is difficult to locate because of a recent move. Even when the person is located, they may be committed to evading the service of process in any way possible. So, even if you find them and have the document in hand, you may have to deal with a situation where they are angry about service. Professional process servers are problem solvers. They are trained to find even the most difficult to locate individuals and serve them with documents, even in the most stressful situations.

Knowledge of the law

Nearly every state has varying laws about what constitutes trespassing or harassment, what service methods are allowed, where and when you can serve individuals, and who can legally serve process. For example, in some states, it is not legal to serve process to a person on certain holidays or Sundays. Unless you are up for the challenge of learning every federal and state law that applies to serving process, you should leave the work to a professional who knows how to do so within the jurisdiction of the law. Otherwise, if your documents are served in a manner that violates the law, it can lead to dismissal, complications, or delays with your court case.


People who serve legal documents must have a process server license in some states. The licensing process requires a combination of background checks, professional training, industry education, and more. If your state mandates licensing, it is essential to use a reputable process server with a license that you can verify, so you know the money you spend is not to be wasted.

If you need to have legal documents served, it is usually best to leave the work to a professional process server. It will save you frustration, money, and time. These are just a handful of reasons to hire a professional process server to deliver your legal paperwork. Contact us today if you need a process server in Orlando. We are here to serve your legal paperwork within the limits of the law and make the process easier for you.