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Why You Should Consider Hiring a Process Server for Your Eviction Notices

Why You Should Consider Hiring a Process Server for Your Eviction Notices

Why You Should Consider Hiring a Process Server for Your Eviction Notices

Are you a landlord or property manager?  Do you have to put out eviction notices when tenants have broken their contracts?  Being a landlord can have tough responsibilities, especially when it comes to tenants that do not follow the rules.  Sending out eviction notices can be one of the more uncomfortable and inconvenient jobs of a landlord.  However, when you use a process server in Orlando to deliver your eviction notices, you can take the discomfort out of the situation.  After all, a process server's professional responsibility is to deliver documentation.  Why not take advantage of these services for your needs?  There are a few great reasons why you should consider hiring a process server for your eviction notices.

Avoid Uncomfortable Situations

Landlords and property managers tend to form relationships or bonds with their tenants.  This can make it difficult or even uncomfortable when it comes to delivering eviction notices.  However, it is your job to run your business efficiently and properly.  Tenants that refuse to follow the rules or pay their rent will be subject to the consequences as outlined by their contracts.  Process servers can remove you from the delivery of the papers, and this can make it much more comfortable for you to handle.

Remove Potential Delays

When you deliver eviction notices, you typically give people a day that they need to be out of their place.  However, when these documents get delayed, so does their move-out date.  This leaves the unit unpaid and unrented for a longer period of time, which causes a loss of profit for your business.  Move quickly by hiring a process server to deliver the papers in a timely manner.

Take Emotion Out of It

When these notices need to be delivered, you may feel emotionally connected to the process because of your relationship with your tenants.  However, process servers can take the emotion out of the whole process.  Instead of being bogged down by the emotional toll and the discomfort from having to kick out your tenants, you will be able to rest-assured that this is being professionally handled the right way.  Let the professionals take care of this responsibility so that you don't need to come face-to-face with disgruntled tenants.

Have Proof They Got the Papers

When you hire a process server to deliver your documents, you take the guessing out of whether the tenants have actually received your papers or not.  Many landlords may just tape these signs on the front door or slide them into the mail slot, but this doesn't guarantee that your tenants will actually see the paperwork.  They may even act as though the papers got lost to stay there put a bit longer.  A part of a process server's job is to provide evidence that the recipient actually got the paperwork.

These are just a few of the reasons why you should hire a process server in Orlando to handle your eviction notices.  As professionals in delivering important documentation, we can take care of this responsibility for you.  Contact us to hear about our process servers today.