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Reasons You Need a Professional Process Server

Reasons You Need a Professional Process Server

Reasons You Need a Professional Process Server

In most cases, a process server must be at least 18 years of age and not a party to the action that papers are being served on. People often decide to bypass professional process servers and send documents to the local Sheriff to be served. This is because using a sheriff's office for service can be less expensive and requires less research than finding a professional process server in Orlando to fit their needs. In most situations, this is not as effective as people would think.

Here are four reasons you need the services of a professional process server:


Having legal documents served quickly is likely essential to you, especially if the papers being served are for an upcoming hearing or deposition where there are requirements that the other party is served within a particular timeframe before your case can proceed. Service of process is the main focus for a professional process server. Still, Sheriff's offices have many other things to take care of, like solving crimes, answering calls from concerned citizens, and transporting prisoners. These duties make it likely that serving your documents may not be very high on that list. It is well accepted that process servers tend to serve papers much faster than Sheriff's offices.


Any officer of the law is charged with a wide range of duties that require them to have a broad knowledge of the law to cover many different situations. In comparison, a professional process server is tasked with profoundly understanding the rules of civil procedure and the requirements surrounding the proper way to serve process. They are well-trained in properly serving people in every jurisdiction they encounter and know-how to adequately fill out the paperwork that proves they did their due diligence. In addition, while many jurisdictions don't allow Sheriff's departments to serve papers in federal cases, process servers are permitted to provide service in local, state, and federal situations.

Customer service

The Sheriff's offices' duty is to help anyone within their jurisdiction who needs help, no matter what the issue. Unfortunately, the Sheriff's Office will often lack responsiveness and be slow to update the service, leaving people dissatisfied with the whole process. A process server strives to make sure that the customer is happy with the experience that they have. They are ready and willing to answer questions, give updates on the progress of your service, and work hard to find the subject when provided with a bad address. Unfortunately, Sheriff's departments are far too busy to give the customer service that is available from hiring a professional to do the work.


Process servers can be far more successful in serving documents compared with Sheriff's offices. The Sheriff's Office does not have time to put in the investigative work to locate a subject if they've been given a bad address. They often do not make multiple attempts when they are frequently unsuccessful in serving a person who might be at work when they stopped by. Tracking someone down is a process server’s job. If they're unable to serve people during regular business hours, they will work nights or weekends to serve them successfully. They're also willing to do research to track down a person they don't have a good address for. Again, this is their job, and they will do whatever it takes to keep the client happy so they don't lose money and can earn referrals. At Central Florida Process, you can speak with a reliable process server in Orlando today about your individual needs.