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How Process Servers Locate the Most Difficult Recipients

How Process Servers Locate the Most Difficult Recipients

How Process Servers Locate the Most Difficult Recipients

Are you looking for a process server that can locate even the most evasive recipients?  Are you concerned with your process server's ability to deliver your court documents?  When you are about to start a legal process with someone who has done some wrongdoing in your life, you want to find a reliable process server in Orlando.  They will be able to take care of all your needs so that you can get the legal process started and completed sooner rather than later.  These are a few of the tactics that process servers may use to locate even the most difficult recipients to find.

Start with the Basics

First, they will take a look at as much of their basic information as they can find.  From looking at their addresses to talking to their friends and family, process servers will start with the basics to try to find them quickly without wasting time and resources.  If they seem evasive immediately, they will then start to dig a little deeper.

Consider Trying their Work

Although the first place that you should try to deliver court documents to the recipient's home, this may not always be possible.  They try to do this to spare them from the embarrassment or questions that may come if they go to their place of employment.  However, those who try to purposely avoid process servers and the legal process in general will be subject to having their papers delivered to their work.  It is advised to avoid this in order to save your employment status and humiliation associated with being served while at work.

Use Social Media

Social media may be able to indicate ways that you can find your recipients without having to ask too many questions to friends and family.  When you are trying to find any trace of an evasive recipient, you should try to track them down and follow them on social media.  They may hint at their whereabouts and tell you where they have been hiding.

Consider an Alternative Method

Whenever you cannot complete in-person delivery, you may be able to talk to the legal team to see if you can choose an alternative method of delivery.  You can request that the documents be served via mail or even via a public service.  Service by social media and email have been getting traction in the recent years, as most people can be tracked down on these platforms. 

These are a few of the methods that process servers may need to take in order to find even the most evasive of recipients.  When you are struggling to deliver court documents, you should try all of these methods so that you can get the court process started.  If you are looking for a reputable and trustworthy process server in Orlando, contact Central Florida Process today.