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Four Common Questions about Process Servers

Four Common Questions about Process Servers

Four Common Questions about Process Servers

Are you wondering why you need a process server to deliver your court documents?  Is this the first time you are even hearing about a process server?  Process servers are professionals that are trained to properly adhere to the rules when serving court documents that inform the defendant that charges have been filed against them.  They are a necessary and important role in the legal process.  As a process server in Orlando, we work diligently to track down recipients, ensure a smooth delivery of important paperwork, and provide proof of delivery so that you can move forward with the legal process.  There are some common questions that can help you understand the role of a process server and why you may need one.

Who is eligible to serve papers?

This depends on your state laws, as they differ from state-to-state.  Some states require a licensed and trained process server to take care of this responsibility.  Other states, however, permit any US citizen over the age of 18 who lives in that state to serve papers.  Hiring a professional company will ensure that you get the most efficient and reliable services to start your legal process.

What else does a process server do?

In addition to delivering court documents to the recipient, process servers also need to provide proof that the delivery took place.  They will complete an Affidavit of Service and give this document to the party who requested their services.  Process servers can also perform other legal-related tasks, like surveillance, filing court papers, document retrieval, and other types of investigations.  In fact, some process servers actually need to do some digging if they cannot locate the recipient for the documents, as many people flee or try to evade these individuals.

Am I allowed to serve my own papers?

Legally, you are not allowed to serve your own court documents to the intended recipient.  In fact, we urge many people to avoid their defendant until the court intervenes and takes over.  This could impact the legal process, stalling it or giving you unfavorable results.  Do not try to serve papers for any cases that you are directly involved in.

How long does it take to have papers served?

Typically, the turn-around time for process servers is roughly 5-7 days until paperwork is delivered and proof of service is verified.  This may vary from process server to process server, and for different scenarios.  For example, it will take longer for a process server in Orlando to deliver papers to someone who is hours away or who is trying to flee the area in the attempt to avoid their charges.  Discuss your time concerns with the professional process server so you have a better understanding of what to expect.

These are a few frequently asked questions that can better acquaint you with the role and responsibility of a process server in Orlando.  If you are in need of a quality and reliable process server, contact the trained professionals at Central Florida Process to hear how we can help you today.