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What Happens If I Avoid a Process Server?

What Happens If I Avoid a Process Server?

What Happens If I Avoid a Process Server?

You may think that avoiding a process server will mean that you won't ever get sued.  However, you couldn't be more wrong.  When you are evading a process server in Orlando, you can suffer some major consequences that actually will cost more harm than good.  Process servers are simply the messengers that are bringing you documents that initiate a legal process, whether you like it or not.  It is their duty to locate you so that this process can begin, and you can fight the charges in court.  If you try to avoid a process server, these are some of the consequences that you may suffer.

You Can Drag More People into Your Situation

Whenever the process server can't reach their client because they are trying to avoid them, they will have to ask the courts for additional services to reach them.  This can involve asking friends and neighbors to locate your whereabouts and help deliver the documents.  You'll need to consider whether it's worth it for other people to know your business, because that's what will inevitably occur.

You May Be Publicly Summoned

If the process server continues to struggle to locate you, they may put an order for you in the local community.  They can use the newspaper, news channels, and other public outlets in order to ask for your whereabouts.  This will make the information about your case public, which can be embarrassing or even unwanted.   Take the time to consider whether you want all of your private affairs about this case to be made public.

You May Face Legal Consequences

You may also face many legal consequences if you continue to evade a process server.  Once they take up many resources and a lot of time to locate you with no avail, they will petition the courts to take legal action against you.  You will now have more charges in addition to the charges that have already been filed against you.  This can actually negatively affect your reputation and the way the court views you, which can negatively affect your case.  Also, if you take illegal action to evade a process server in Orlando, such as falsifying information, you will actually suffer criminal charges against you, which will need to be dealt with in court as well.  

These are some of the consequences that you could suffer if you try to avoid a process server and the receipt of court documents.  As the defendant in a case, you will have the right to challenge or fight the charges, but you will first need to get the paperwork.  If you are looking for a process server in Orlando, trust the professionals at Central Florida Process.  Contact us to hear about our quality process servers today.