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Three Common Mistakes a Process Service Can Make

Three Common Mistakes a Process Service Can Make

Three Common Mistakes a Process Service Can Make

Are you looking for a quality process server to deliver your court documents?  When it comes to your legal concerns, you want to trust the best service to take care of your needs.  A qualified, professional, and reliable process server in Orlando will be able to perform the job correctly, which won't jeopardize the legal proceedings.  Because the job of a process server is the critical catalyst required to start the legal process, you want to be sure that they avoid these three common mistakes.

Serving the Documents to the Wrong Person

This may seem like an obvious mistake, but it actually does happen.  Depending on the information that is provided by the courts, the process server may have difficulty distinguishing the specific individual for the documents.  Sometimes clients have the same name as other individuals or they have outdated addresses.  Also, if a defendant is already deceased when the legal papers are filed, this poses challenge that even the process server can't solve.

Failing to Complete Service

Once the process server delivers the proper court documents, their job is not complete.  They also need to complete an Affidavit of Service as their proof.  Inexperienced, unreliable, or even dishonest process servers may not actually see that the recipient has picked up their documents.  This can happen if they leave them in a mailbox or on the doorstep of the provided address.  In order to complete the service, process servers need to provide evidence that the defendant has received their documents by watching them take the documents by hand.  They can then complete the Affidavit of Service that tells the court the job is completely properly and fully.

Not Being Educated on Specific Challenges

Whenever a process server in Orlando is not told the truth about the case, they may run into unsurmountable issues that could have been prevented.  This happens when the courts do not communicate that a defendant is a flight risk, evasive, or even hostile.  In order to protect a process server, all of this information should be communicated before they deliver the documents.  Providing information about the recipient's whereabouts can help a process server do their job, and this can make it more efficient.  This is important in getting your legal proceedings started as soon as possible.

These are common mistakes that process servers can make when they are provided with the wrong information or are not fully educated on the case.  When you trust the right company to take care of your legal responsibilities, you can avoid these mistakes and get your process started sooner.  Our professional and reliable process server in Orlando is trained to get the job done properly and correctly each time.  Contact us to hear about our process service today.