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Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Process Server

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Process Server

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Process Server

So, you have a dispute and want to open a court case.  Now what?  After filling out the court documents, you will also need to hire the services of a process server.  Process servers are individuals that will properly deliver your legal documents to the defendant, informing them that they have been served and will be expected in court.  You can either work with a reputable company with a process server in Orlando or hire an individual process server to perform your legal responsibilities.  Before you hire your process server, you want to ensure that they have proper experience and credentials to properly perform your services.  There are a few questions to ask before hiring a process server.

How Much Does Your Service Cost?

Although you want to hire a reputable process server, you also want to be sure that you are paying within the normal range for this service.  A process server should provide you with their set fees with no hidden costs.  This transparency shows that they are experienced and perform a quality service without trying to scam their customers.

How Long Does it Take to Deliver the Documents?

Often times, you may not receive a set amount of time when you ask process servers how long it will take them to deliver your court documents.  This is because there are many variables out of their control when dealing with the other parties involved.  This question still needs to be asked in order to find out how long it will take the process server to get your papers out their door.  You want to be sure that they are moving quickly and working as efficiently as they possibly can.   Be sure that you let them know of your timeline, because after all, they are working for you.

How Do You Locate People?

This is perhaps the most essential question to ask a process server, because you want to be sure that they are doing everything in their power to get your documents in the hands of the defendant.  Asking them their methods for tracking down people is imperative to understanding how they work.  They may supply you with a variety of answers, such as social media, the internet, skip tracing, and more.  It is important to know that a process server has many different tactics to track down the people they need to in order to keep your legal process moving along.

These are essential questions to ask before hiring a process server to deliver your court documents to the other party involved in your court case.  As outlined by the Constitution, a process server is a necessary part of the legal process.  Be sure that you hire the right process server to deliver your documents in order to keep your case moving forward.  If a process server does not perform his job correctly, the case could be in jeopardy.  Contact our process server in Orlando to work with the best.  We can help you with your legal needs and make sure that your court case gets off to a smooth start.