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Paperwork You Need to Complete to Start a Lawsuit

Paperwork You Need to Complete to Start a Lawsuit

Paperwork You Need to Complete to Start a Lawsuit

Are you interested in filing a lawsuit but don't know where to start?  When you initiate a lawsuit, you will need to fill out a lot of paperwork, called the "pleadings."  This paperwork is documentation that will be used to collect the resources and staff that you'll need during the course of the legal process.  It will also alert all the necessary parties, including the defendant, about the lawsuit.  You'll need to hire a process server in Orlando to help you deliver certain documents to summon the defendant to court.  There are a few important pieces of paperwork you'll need to fill out to get started with your lawsuit.

The Complaint

The first piece of paperwork that you'll need to fill out is the complaint.  This document will provide an outline of your case, identify all parties involved, state your legal claims, and provide basic facts of the case.  In the complaint, you'll want to set forth the expectations of what you want from the case.  This will also inform the defendant of the basis of your case.  

The Summons

Once the complaint is filed and reviewed, you will then receive the summons.  This is a document from the court that states that your case will be heard or litigated.  The summons notifies each party of the actions that should be taken next.  If the defendant is being sued, this will be indicated in the summons.  This document will also describe the consequences of what will occur if the parties do not show up for their scheduled court dates.  This is the document that will be served by the process server in Orlando to inform the defendant of any information about the case.

The Answer to the Complaint

The defendant's response to the initial complaint is considered documentation important to the beginning of the process.  This answer can either be admitted, denied, or insufficient knowledge.  Once this answer is received, the courts will be able to make an informed decision on how to proceed with the case.  Those that answer with an admission may never need to go through a lengthy litigation process at all.  This answer can also indicate legal reasons why the defendant is not liable for the actions of the plantiff, in which case the lawsuit would be dismissed.  Most of the time, this answer puts the next step of the legal process into motion.

These are the important documents that you'll need to start your lawsuit.  After you file the right paperwork, the legal process has been initiated and the process server in Orlando will deliver the summons documents to the defendant.  This way, everyone will be aware of the lawsuit that is about to be underway.  Contact us to hear about our process server qualifications today.