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Five Important Steps in Job of a Process Server in Orlando

Five Important Steps in Job of a Process Server in Orlando

Five Important Steps in Job of a Process Server in Orlando

Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a process server?  Do you fully understand the role of a process server in the legal process?  As an important member of the legal process, a process server in Orlando provides an invaluable service in delivering court documents.  Because of the Constitution, these individuals are a third-party entity that is required to deliver important documents to alert the defendant that charges have been filed.  Their job actually begins the legal process and marks the beginning of the case.  There are five essential steps in the job that a process server is required to perform.

Talk to Legal Services

Process servers are hired by legal services, such as lawyers, firms, or private investigators.  These individuals are trained to legally process documents that alert defendants of the charges that have been filed against them.  These documents inform these individuals to contact their representation for guidance on how to move forward.

Follow Legal Protocols

Even though it may seem easy, the job of a process server can often times be complicated.  In order to provide a perfect service that doesn't negatively impact the legal case, they need to follow strict legal protocols when they are hired to deliver court documents.

Locate the Recipient

Sometimes individuals that are aware court documents are headed their way will attempt to be evasive or even flee the area entirely.  These individuals will be more difficult to locate, but the process server will need to use all the tools at their disposal to do so.  They can use social media, talk to neighbors, or even hire the help of a bounty hunter to locate the defendant and publicly deliver these court documents.  

Physically Deliver Court Documents

Once the individual is located, process servers will then physically deliver the documents to the individual.  At the time of delivery, the recipient must verbally confirm that they are the individual on the court documents, and then they must take them in their hands.  These interaction needs to happen in a public place and done physically, not electronically.

Prove Delivery of Court Documents

The recipient must also sign court papers that indicate they have received the court documents and that the process server's job is almost complete.  After these papers are completed, the process server will then return them to the legal entity from which they were hired.  After this is done, their job is officially complete and the rest of the legal process can then begin.

These are a few of the main steps that indicate how each process server completes their job responsibilities.  Delivering court documents by following the right protocols ensures that the legal process has not been tainted, and it can continue to move forward.  Contact our process server in Orlando to hear how we can help you with your legal documents today.