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Ways to Spot a Fake Process Server

Ways to Spot a Fake Process Server

Ways to Spot a Fake Process Server

Process serving has a rich history in Florida and across the United States. While Central Florida Process and many other process servers in Orlando act with high integrity, some give our industry a bad name.

The Phone Scam

One of the most common scams is that an illegitimate process server will call you and tell you that they work for a branch of the government. Then, they will insist that if you do not pay them, they will start garnishing your wages or draw money straight from your bank account. Next, they tell you if you set up payments using a debit or credit card today, they will take care of the rest. Anytime a process server asks the person receiving papers for money, it is a scam. Report it to the police immediately. A legitimate process server in Orlando will never ask you for money because their payment comes from the person looking to find you with the papers.

Constantly Call You

A process server in Florida may call you to try to set up a time to deliver the papers to you. They may also leave a message on your voicemail. They will not, however, regularly call and badger you. You really can answer your phone without fear of it being the process server calling you many times. Remember that the only job of a process server is to alert you to a serious legal situation that needs your attention. They want to see you get your chance to have your say in court.  The phone call will almost always come from a local number, so if you get a call from a process server which is not local to the Orlando area, it may be a scammer.

Tells You They Have Sealed Court Documents

While a process server usually has very few details about the papers that they are serving, they should be able to give you some basic information. They should be able to tell you the court that has issued the order to have you served as process servers only work after a court case starts. They should also be able to tell you the case number. If you have any questions about the papers being legitimate, contact the clerk of court and he or she can confirm the information.

If you need a legitimate process server, contact Central Florida Process. There years of experience ensures that your documents are delivered correctly. They also have a great track record of locating hard-to-find individuals within the timeframe given by the court. They proudly serve at the request of the sheriffs in the Florida counties where they operate. After completing their job, they will also give you an affidavit of service that you can take to court if needed.