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4 Types of Papers Served by a Process Server

4 Types of Papers Served by a Process Server

4 Types of Papers Served by a Process Server

There are four different types of papers that you may need to hire a process server in Orlando to deliver to an individual. Understanding the different types and how they are prepared will help you get ready to meet with these professionals.


A writ is a formal paper prepared by a court for a person to appear in court. There are many subcategories of writs including subpoenas, warrants, and prerogative writs. There are many different types of writs, and a process server may not be able to serve them all. These orders must come from a court of law.


One special type of writ is a subpoena. There are two types of subpoenas that are commonly used. The first type requires a person to appear in court to give their testimony. The second type requires you to show documents or property to the court. While they can be used in many types of cases, they are commonly used in divorce, child custody, personal injury, and sex offender cases.


A complaint is usually the first legal action taken against a defendant. It sets out the reason that another person thinks they have been wronged. It normally contains four parts. The first part contains the allegations made against the individual. The second part states the specific laws violated while the third part contains details about the dispute. Usually, the last part states what the person filing the complaint wants to see happen for justice to be restored.


While they can be issued by law enforcement officers, summonses served by process servers in Orlando are normally accompanied by a complaint. They are used to identify the person by their name or acting as a leader of a business.

What to Do if You Are Served?

The first thing to remember is that the process server is just doing their job, so do not become angry with them. Take a deep breath and contact a lawyer. You have been given some time to respond to the papers, and most courts will give you additional time if it is needed. Do not, however, ignore the papers. Instead, make sure that you either answer them ahead of time or appear in court to give your testimony as indicated in the papers.

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