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The Career Path to Becoming a Process Server in Florida

The Career Path to Becoming a Process Server in Florida

The Career Path to Becoming a Process Server in Florida

Many people wonder if they can make a living as a process server in Florida. If you want to pursue being a process server, then you must have the court’s permission as you serve at their pleasure. Before seeking their endorsement, many steps need completing.  

Meet General Requirements

You must be at least 18 years old and a permanent resident of the state.  You cannot have any mental problems that might prevent you from making a sound judgment. You must also pay a $300 fee and complete a 25-page application. On the form, you must list your address (es) for the last five years and your three most recent employers. You also need to list any schools that you have attended since high school. You also must list if you have ever been a process server along with any complaints brought against you in that role. Finally, you must list any criminal history and sign that your statements are true.

Order a Certificate of Good Conduct

You also need to get a Certificate of Good Conduct. On this form, you declare that you have not got any upcoming legal cases against you. You also promise that you have not had a felony conviction in the past. Finally, you state that you have no misdemeanor charges involving moral turpitude or dishonesty in the last five years.

Obtain the Education and Exam

While many people find the application time consuming to complete, it is not the only requirement for becoming a process server. You will also need to take an 8-hour class covering Florida and federal law, how to properly return an affidavit within the time limits. During the course, you will also learn about reasonable diligence and the different types of papers that you will be serving. At the end of the class, you must get at least 80 % of the questions right on an exam.

Get a Background Check

Your next step is to agree to get a background check completed. The Florida Department of Law will conduct the background check. The background check requires you to pay another fee and wait until the background check is returned to you before you can move forward.

Pay for a Surety Bond

The last step before you can become a process server in Florida is to pay for a $5,000 surety bond that is authorized to do business in Florida. This bond offered by select companies is payable if you do not do the job correctly.

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