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Rules that a Process Server Must Strictly Follow

Rules that a Process Server Must Strictly Follow

Rules that a Process Server Must Strictly Follow

Did you know that a process server must strictly follow certain rules as outlined by their job description?  Some of these rules may seem surprising, but if they are not followed exactly, the entire court case could be at risk for rejection.  As a process server in Orlando, we must keep our staff trained on up-to-date rules and regulations involved in the legal process.  Here are a few surprising rules that our process servers must follow in order to keep the legal case open.

Reveal Exactly Who They Are

It is illegal to approach someone with court documents and downplay or lie about their identities.  As process servers, they must be honest about who they are and what they are doing.  When delivering court documents, they must directly state our purpose so that the clients are fully aware of what is happening and that they are being served.

Do Not Touch Mailboxes

When process servers deliver papers to an empty home, they are not permitted to leave them in the mailbox.  In fact, they are not allowed to touch the mailbox or rifle through any of the contents inside the mailbox to check if there has been anyone home that day.   Process servers are allowed to mail documents through the mail with a certified mailing company, but they are not permitted to personally place documents or open any mailboxes themselves.

Do Not Trespass

If process servers are delivering court documents to private property, they are not permitted access to this property unless the owner allows them.  They must obey the "No Trespassing" signs they see on that property, or they could face criminal charges.  Simply because they are fulfilling legal duties does not mean that they are above the law.

Do Not Pretend to Be Law Enforcement

Many people assume that because process servers are a critical part of the legal process, they are also a member of law enforcement.  This is a misconception.  Process servers are not permitted to impersonate any members of the law enforcement family.  Process servers do not have any legal authority.  Even those process servers who only do this part-time cannot use their credentials for their full-time job when fulfilling the duties of a process server.

As a process server in Orlando, our job is not to be taken lightly.  By following these specific rules, we ensure that court cases aren't tampered with in any way, and this allows court proceedings to run smoothly.  If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy process server, contact us today to hear about our services.