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Process Serving: What It Is and Why You Need It

Process Serving: What It Is and Why You Need It

Process Serving:  What It Is and Why You Need It

"You got served" is a sentence that most people hope to never hear in their lifetime.  However, there are people that could say this sentence on an everyday basis, because it is their job to serve court papers to any required parties.  These people are called process servers.  As a process server in Orlando, Central Florida Process has been serving the legal community by delivering legal, court papers for over 30 years.  Before you get started with a process server, it is important to know what process serving is and why you may need to hire a process server to help with your legal needs.

What Process Servers Do

A process server is crucial in proper and efficient court proceedings.  Process servers ensure that court documents are delivered professionally, appropriately, and efficiently.  Their job is to be sure that that the due process of law is rightfully upheld, which is set forth by the US Constitution.  They are responsible for an assortment of critical tasks such as filing court papers, serving legal documents, and document retrieval.  

Once they serve court paperwork, process servers will need to deliver evidence that those papers were served.  This is typically called an affidavit of service.  This notarized documentation will then be given to the individual who required the papers to be served in the first place and filed away so that they have proof the process server did their job correctly.  This is an important step in allowing the court proceedings to continue.

Because of their important role in legal proceedings, process servers must carry a specific license, and in some case they must be insured to protect themselves from any potential issues that might arise during their services.  

Why You Need a Process Server

Typically, you need a process server to assist you with any legal proceedings.  They will serve a variety of court papers, such as writs, subpoenas, documents to testify for or against the defendant, formal complaints, and court summons. If a process server is not involved or does their job inappropriately or unprofessionally, the court case could be dismissed altogether.  Their job is critical to the success of your court case.  Be sure to hire a reliable, trustworthy, and professional process server to perform this service correctly and not put your court case in jeopardy.  

If you are unsure if you need to hire a process server, familiarize yourself with the legal laws and requirements of your state.  Also, talk to your attorney and legal team to make sure they can assist you with the correct legal process.  Contact Central Florida Process today in order to receive legal support for your needs and to hire a professional and reputable process server in Orlando.  You can trust us with your legal needs.