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How to Stay Safe during Process Serving

How to Stay Safe during Process Serving

How to Stay Safe during Process Serving

Process serving is a serious business. While it is an interesting line of work, it could also be pretty dangerous. Hence, if you are not careful, there is a huge chance you could find yourself in some rather unpleasant situation.

With this in mind, you should always be alert and vigilant, so you don’t run into any issue. The aim of this article is to help you avoid any of such unpleasant situations.

1. Serve only when the Recipient is Alone

When people are served with papers, it never comes with good news. This could make some people pretty furious when served. When friends, spouse or other family members are around, it is best to avoid serving as it could escalate the matter.

Hence, when you want to serve papers, it is best done at the place of work, when the person is having a drink alone etc.

2. Always Have an Exit Plan

It is a terrible idea to go into a building or anywhere to serve papers when you are not aware of a way out. Besides, when serving in a business premises, be sure that the path to the door is clear and easily accessible. This could be a life safer should you be met with anger or other unpleasant emotions.

Before approaching any house, know the exits. Also, it is a bad idea to park in an alley where your car can be obstructed

3. Follow Your Guts

Your instinct can be very helpful in keeping you safe, especially when you cannot get the feeling of danger off. Always listen to your gut when you are uncomfortable about walking into a situation that could turn ugly. If you want to go into a place, and you have to pause before going in, it is best you leave. Let this be your clue that you are not safe.

If you must go in, make sure your cell phone is within reach and 911 is on speed dial. Besides, it is not advisable to turn your back on a person you just served. Also, if you will have to serve a restraining order or any other emotional document, it is best to do so in the company of law enforcement agencies.

4. Watch Out for Dogs

People get bitten by dogs on a daily basis. You have got to be careful and be on the watch out. Be careful if you see a “Beware the Dog,” sign. Also, be vigilant and search for clues that point to the presence of dogs in a compound. Common signs are dog toys, a leash or a dog house.

5. Be Polite, Nice and Professional

Respect they say is reciprocal. Chances are, they could be nice to you if you are. Be humble when serving people and don’t do it with attitude. Be sure to have your identification on and introduce yourself. Also, let the people you are serving know that you are just a messenger doing his job!

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