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Helpful Tips on Serving Small Claims Court

Helpful Tips on Serving Small Claims Court

Helpful Tips on Serving Small Claims Court

Small claims courts apply to cases when the complainant is litigating for not more than $5,000, and it also depends on the state of the claim. This type of claims can involve cases such as suing for return policy, back rent, non-payment of wages or salary, property damage, breach of verbal or written contract etc. Small claims court is pretty efficient and effective since there is no lawyer or jury needed hence, simplifying requirements for evidence.

There are some cases that doesn’t fit the small case court anyways. These include cases that involve spouse support, misconduct or maintenance etc. There are states that also place some limitations on the number of claims you can file in a year.

Small Claims Forms

These are the legal papers with which you start a small claims procedure. The Plaintiff’s Claim Form or the paper work is usually completed by the complainant. The form contains the objective of the case, the defendant’s personal information, the amount the defendant is being sued for and other details.

Should the defendant choose to countersue, there is the defendant claim form to be filled. There are other documents like subpoenas for relevant documentation might be needed. In cases involving multiple defendants or plaintiffs, then they will have to fill more than one defendant or plaintiff form.

Serving Small Claims forms

To kick start the small claims process, the defendant has to be notified of the lawsuit. When it comes to small claims cases, they must receive the Plaintiff’s Claim Form. A party unrelated to the plaintiff must serve the paperwork to the defendant. This is where the services of a professional process server come in.

How a Process Server Helps with Serving Small Claims Forms

Since how a paper gets served differs in each jurisdiction, it is best to leave this to a qualified process server to help with serving the Plaintiff’s Claim Form. If the process serving doesn’t go according to the law, it can affect the case negatively, and could also cause dismissal.

This is where you need a professional process server who knows the laws of your areas. Process servers are experienced in looking for people who don’t want to be found. With this is mind, hiring the service of skilled process server is the best way to make sure that your claim is filed legally and quickly. On successful service of the plaintiff, the process server will submit an Affidavit of Service to the court. When there is evidence that the respondent has been served, a date for the court hearing can then be selected.

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