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Finding a Missing Person to be Served

Finding a Missing Person to be Served

Finding a Missing Person to be Served

While some people willingly accept legal documents because they realize that it is part of the process, others try to hide. Skip tracing is the process used by process servers in Orlando to find a missing person to serve them with legal paperwork. When you work with an experienced process server in Orlando, like Central Florida Process, they can use several techniques to locate even the most difficult-to-locate individual. Here are some methods that they might use.  

Friends and Family

When you hire a process server, they may ask you to provide a list of family and friends. They may also look to find the names of these individuals on social media accounts. Then, they contact these individuals and leave a message saying that they need to talk to them. If the person calls, even one time, out of curiosity, then they can use reverse phone number lookup to see where the individual made the call.  

Previous Addresses

Generally, people are creatures of habit, so they usually return to the places that are most comfortable to them. Therefore, process servers often send letters to all previous addresses asking the person to contact them. As with asking friends and family, if the person calls one time, they can use reverse number lookup to locate the individual.  

Corporate Fillings

If the individual owns part of a corporation, then they must have an address on file with the Secretary of State in the state where the corporation operates. Usually, this information is part of the public record so that process servers can access the address there. Then, they can head to that location.  

Criminal Search

If the individual is in a city, county, state, or federal jail, then it is simple to look them up as an inmate. The United States Bureau of Prison also has an easily searchable database telling if the person was released and from what facility since 1982.  

Professional Licenses

If the person is required to have a professional license to conduct business, then they must have an address on file. Most states allow people to verify the names and addresses of these individuals online. It can be challenging to change careers and may not be something that the individual who the process server is seeking is willing to do. 

Search Engines

Process servers often use search engines to locate an individual. If you are going to try using a search engine yourself instead of contacting a process server, be very hesitant about using those offering instant results.  

While you can use many of these methods to locate the individual yourself, it is better to use a process server in Orlando to serve papers. The more information, including a picture that you can give the process server, the easier the process of serving papers becomes. If you are looking to hire a reputable process server in Orlando, call Central Florida Process.