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Consequences of Avoiding a Process Server

Consequences of Avoiding a Process Server

Consequences of Avoiding a Process Server

Getting sued, going through a divorce, or being summoned to court are not events most people are prepared to expect in their lives.  When you know you are about to be served court documents, you will have to face a process server.  Many people think that if they simply avoid contact with the process server, they can just avoid the legal process all together.  This assumption is false, and it actually comes with some serious ramifications.  As a process server in Orlando, we help our clients by serving necessary court documents to any party who needs to be present for the legal process.  There are a few surprising consequences for those who try to avoid a process server.

Delays the Process

You may think that avoiding a process server will simply make them forget about you, but this is not true.  When you avoid a process server, they will just take other actions to ensure that court documents get into your possession.  This will actually just delay the court process altogether, which will in fact just draw out the inevitable.  

Leave Documents at Your Home or Business

When a process server has difficulty locating you, they will continue to try to find you by coming to different places that you frequent.  Not only will they try to find you at your home address, but they will also show up to your work.  This could provide you with more embarrassment and necessary explanations to your coworkers or even boss, which could compromise your reputation.  If they cannot find you at either location, they will be allowed to leave the documents in the possession of a competent individual over the age of 18.  They will then be able to locate you instead.

Post Notices in Local Newspaper

If a process server cannot find you after many different attempts, they will be able to post notices for your location in local newspapers and advertisements.  This will alert your community to help disclose your whereabouts.  If you continue to avoid a process server, they will also be able to add additional legal charges onto your case.  This could make a lengthier and more severe punishment when it comes time for your case to be seen in court.

These are some of the surprising consequences when you try to avoid a process server.  Instead of avoid a process server and facing more severe legal consequences, it is best to face your past and accept their services.  Serving court documents is a main duty of process servers as outlined by the Constitution.  When these steps are not properly followed, the entire legal process may be tampered with and need to restart.  Contact our expert team of process servers in Orlando to help you with your legal services.