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Why Your Law Firm Needs an Experienced Process Server for Foreclosure Matters

Why Your Law Firm Needs an Experienced Process Server for Foreclosure Matters

Why Your Law Firm Needs an Experienced Process Server for Foreclosure Matters

When dealing with a foreclosure as a law firm, care must be taken to handle it in its own peculiar way and not like other types of legal issues. In order to make sure that service is done effectively in line with the regulations, it is imperative that you use a process server in Orlando who has experience handling foreclosing matters. Where proper service is not done, it could lead to contested service, traverse hearings and as bad as your foreclosure claims case being thrown out of court.

As a law firm, there are many reasons why you need to secure your case and keep your client happy by maintaining the service of a process server in Orlando that is a specialist in foreclosure service.

1. Changing legal landscape and regulations

The rules of foreclosure are fluid and are changed from time to time. This includes how process service is carried out, what amounts to inadequate due diligence before publication and other areas that require having up to date knowledge. If your process server in Orlando does not know how to effectively serve a foreclosure claim, it could lead to serious issues for you.

2. Industry compliance and accountability

The foreclosure industry has been rife with all kinds of compliance reforms that require that all attorneys are held accountable, even as far as their service providers and vendors. It is only right that a law firm hires a process server in Orlando that is equipped with all the right equipment, security and licenses in the event of an audit or enquiry. Maintaining a professional process server also means that there is no need to be running around and worrying about who you’re hiring will cause you issues in the future.

3. Increased scrutiny of foreclosure proceedings and traverse hearings

Foreclosures are quite sensitive matters and an easy target for consumer advocates and debtor rights activists due to the level of impact that the process has on those involved. The courts now pay a lot of attention not only to the situation of the foreclosure but to how the process was handled. This includes high occurrence of defense lawyers contesting a foreclosure and requiring the process server to testify in court. Having a professional and experienced process server in Orlando means that there are always reliable personnel available to determine that your law firm followed all the required due process and all the correct steps were taken during the process serving. Where the process server does not have the experience or the knowledge to present to the judge effectively, it could lead to the service being rejected and cause problems for the law firm.

Choose only the best process servers in Orlando

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