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Why are process servers important?

Why are process servers important?

Why are process servers important?

Just imagine that you walk into your office and find that your wages are being slashed on the excuse of a debt you didn’t owe? Would you like to know if someone were taking you to court? What of a situation where a judge issues a ruling that affects you without giving you the opportunity to state your story? These are the things process server in Orlando seek to guide you from—to make you have your rightful ground at any time and that is why they are important.

A great and neutral third-party

Process servers served as an impartial third party. They are not concerned with who is suing whom, and on what ground. What the Central Florida process server in Orlando is concerned about is that the notice of the matter in dispute gets to those who need it as prescribed by law.

Who can serve a process and what constitutes valid service of process?

Under the laws of the State of California, a person serving process must not in any way be involved or be a party to the case at hand. By this law, a fraudulent party cannot claim to have served the other party notice of the matter when actually he has not, thereby receiving a favorable judgment by default. What the court is interested in is that all of the parties to the matter in dispute get actual notice pertaining to the proceedings so that everyone can have an equal day in court.

Process servers are backed by laws

There are existing laws that made provision for the modern day registered process server in Orlando. For instance, the law governing process server in California provide that when a process server is in the course of serving papers, such a process server should not be afraid of being sued for trespassing, because gaining access to someone’s property is paramount to delivering notice, whether such a person or persons wants to, or does not want to receive it. the law also recognizes the need to jump fences and gain access to the side of a building as essential for certain serves under certain circumstances.

It is also specifically provided by state laws that any gated area or community must allow a registered process server in Orlando into that community or area. The server does not necessarily have to knock on the defendant’s gate. Rather, he can choose to serve the document to the Security personnel by what is known as “Substituted services.”

All of these show how important process servers are, and how they are unique in the justice system.

Reputable trust

A registered process server like Central Florida Process Server in Orlando will normally sign the Proof of Service, as made mandatory by the court to show how the service of the process was affected. From the very minute the process server signs the Process of Service, it is treated with a rebuttable presumption that service of the matter to the affected person was completed, unless that person is able to prove beyond doubt that he or she wasn’t served properly.

Final thought

Now you have known what a process server is, and how to go about it. To get notice of legal action is important, and how good the entire process follows will go a long way in keeping the timeline of the case. For more information, please call us or send an email for a free consultation today.