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Is Process Serving Dangerous

Is Process Serving Dangerous

Is Process Serving Dangerous

In spite of the fact that there are no real hazards attached to process serving in itself, there have been many cases where process servers in Orlando were assaulted while attempting to serve court documents. Although this seldom happens, it does happen and is now one of the challenges that is faced by process servers in Orlando. While there could be lots of reasons for the ever-increasing assault on process servers, the answer to the question “is process serving dangerous” is emphatically yes. Process serving is indeed dangerous.

In as much as process serving is a job which is considered dangerous, the truth remains that the many dangerous instances which are associated with process serving can be avoided by doing the right thing at the exact right time.

There are quite a number of ways in which process servers can ensure that they are safe while on the job. Some of them are common sense tips while others need to learn before they can be applied properly. Let’s find out what some of the tips which can help process managers stay safe on the job are.

Get Information about the Person to be Served

All things being equal, there is a hundred percent chance that you have not met the person to be served before and therefore, know absolutely nothing about them. Nevertheless, you really have no excuse to go in blind. Get to find out about the behaviour of the person that you are supposed to serve from your client. Get as much information as you can obtain from your client. Ask questions regarding their temperaments and how they react to negative situations.

Also, if you are serving someone that stays together with an accomplice to the crime they committed, it is important that you do not serve the documents when their accomplice is around.

Be as Polite as Possible

This is where personality comes in. As a process server, you might not be extremely nice. However, for the sake of the job and for your own safety, you just have to be as nice as you can be. To avoid dangerous situations, always have a cheerful aura and deliver the document in the kindest way possible. This will help water down any aggression that they might be building.

Always have your Mobile Phone Handy

You can never tell when you need to make an urgent and important call in the face of danger. This, therefore, makes it important that you have your cell phone close to you always.

It is safe if you meet Them at Work

When serving a document for domestic cases, it is usually perfect to do this at the work place of whoever you are serving. The reason for this is: if they have a violent attitude, they most likely will try to stay nice in front of their colleagues, superiors and subordinates.

Time is Vital

If you are serving a document in a neighbourhood that you think is a little suspicious, then, you should not serve a document when it is dark. There is a higher likelihood of danger occurring in the dark than in the day.