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5 Things Process Servers Are Not Authorized to Do

5 Things Process Servers Are Not Authorized to Do

5 Things Process Servers Are Not Authorized to Do

It is the job of process servers to deliver vital documents to people for many reasons. While it is not an easy job, people hold a number of misconceptions about it. There are times the recipients would not want to receive the document which could make the job difficult for the process server.

Process servers are required to serve their document with dignity and integrity. However, there are some things a process server cannot do when serving paper.

1. Guessing the law

The nature of process service is complex hence a process server cannot assume that the same law binds the entire U.S. States. There are laws that guide each state when it comes to serving, when papers can be served, how documents can be handled and who can accept it.

It is imperative on a process server to be familiar with the rules that guide process service in the state of service. The directory is a good point of contact to anyone not sure of the laws.

2. Touching the Mailbox

It is a crime to open or meddle with another person’s mailbox. Even if the stack of mail is in your presence, you have no right to go through it. You are only permitted to view the address on the mailbox with your eyes, and that is as far as you can go.

3. Pretending to be Something you are not

The main task of a process sever is to serve court documents. Although, there are times this task might require that you be creative to get to defendants that are dodging. However, your creativity doesn’t mean you should be deceptive or fake anyone or even violate the rule

4. Impersonating Law Enforcement

A process server is different from a cop. Although, it is not uncommon for a number of retired police officers to take up the process server job, the distinction has to be made. In all states of the U.S, it is a crime to impersonate the cops or a government official.

Also, some states do not give license to people to use equipments dedicated to the cops like a fake badge, a blue and red flashing light etc.

5. Breaking and Entering

The process of being served a paper doesn’t meet some people well. Hence, it is not surprising that some people could refuse to open the door. Some could plainly refuse to answer you. As stated earlier, you are to do your duty with dignity. As a result, the law prevents you from breaking and entering any residence, property or business illegally. The fact that you have to serve a document doesn’t give you the license to break the law!

We have discussed some things a professional process server will not do. Bear in mind that professionalism differentiates authentic from the fake.

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