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Hiring a legal process server is a crucial step in proceeding with any important court case. A good process server in Orlando should be responsible for delivering legal documents efficiently and in a timely and professional manner. Process servers should also be well-trained and knowledgeable in the legislation surrounding the service of process in their state or county. We boast all of this and so much more. Do not settle for anything else.

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We offer competitive pricing on every one of our services, including filing, research, skip tracing and investigation.

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We pride ourselves on customer service and haven't had a complaint against us since going into business. Efficiency, professionalism and care. We want to be the process service in Orlando you can count on to get the job done right and in a timely manner. When dealing with legal issues of any kind, you want to get the process going and completed as soon as possible.

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We offer some of the best legal support in Orlando; because we care! Our sensitive approach to your specific needs, as well as extensive expertise in Chapter 48 (Serving of Legal Process) is what makes us the most reliable and effective process service in Orlando and Central Florida.

Why Is Service Of Process Significant?

We, as a process server in Orlando FL, care greatly about the significance our jobs have in the legal world and in people's lives. We maintain our high standards of excellence because of this, and always deliver the best possible service to any client or company who we have the pleasure of working with. What we do is very necessary for a variety of reasons; The first and foremost of these reasons is making sure the due process of law is rightfully upheld according to the US Constitution. Another reason why process servers are needed in society is to make sure the legal papers you need served are done so in a highly effective and professional manner. If this service fails to deliver, or is done so improperly, the courts can dismiss the case altogether. This means as an Orlando FL process service, we need to be on top of your game professionally, as well as maintain a strong knowledge of how the law works on a state-by-state basis.